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One of the biggest reasons I decided to do this project was because I felt like I was never taking pictures for myself anymore…don’t get me wrong, I take a lot of pictures, but never just for fun. I take pictures every day of school happenings: games, dances, meetings, etc., but don’t do a lot of artistic photography – and that’s what I want to keep working on.

Today I decided to take a picture of the sunset. I knew the sun was going down about 5:20 tonight, so I drove out to find a good place to capture it. I didn’t have an exact place in mind, which was probably a mistake, but I think I got an okay shot anyway. It’s funny, when I got back home and started looking at the shots I’d gotten I was surprised to see that it looked more like a fire than a sunset…which is actually something I may want to take pictures of later in the year – the prairie fires.

My sister and I were talking the other day about how some people think that driving through Kansas is boring. Sure, maybe we don’t have mountains and beaches, but we decided that Kansas is beautiful in it’s own way…especially every night at sunset.

A Sunset

A Sunset


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