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Last night I made the decision to start working out in the mornings. With my sometimes hectic schedule after school there are way too many activities that can come up and exercising needs to be a priority. So, I got my bag packed, set my alarm and was ready for my first morning workout…NOT. The alarm went off at 5, and I proceeded to roll over and sleep another hour. Now, let’s be honest, -3 degrees is not a very inviting temperature…definitely not a jump out of bed and run 3 miles kind of weather…so I slept, but I promised myself I would get my exercise in after school.

After subbing 8th block and taking a group photo for a group, I really wasn’t feeling like working out, but I had promised myself that I would, so I headed to they locker room to get ready. About a week ago, I got a locker in the locker room so I could exercise and get ready in the morning. I went ahead and brought all the supplies so I would be ready for my first morning workout tomorrow…and that is today’s picture.

I went in the fitness center planning on doing work on the treadmill, but a group was starting a P90X workout…and they asked me to join, so I took the plunge.  I have never tried one of the P90X workouts before, so today was quite interesting.  I survived, but I’m sure I will feel it tomorrow! The best thing is, they decided to do tomorrows workout in the morning…the perfect excuse for me to HAVE to get up.

So, my locker sits, ready for me to get ready tomorrow, my alarm is already set so I can be ready for the workout at 5:15, and the clothes are packed…now the only thing to do is actually get out of bed…

(As a side-note I want to thank everyone for reading so far…hopefully my pictures aren’t too boring…although I know some days they are a little 🙂 Have a good one!)

Ready to Go

Ready to Go


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    5:15–are you kidding me. Have fun.

    January 12, 2011 at 10:35 pm

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