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Why do I do this?

Today was a stressful day…it was a deadline day.  Now, as the adviser, I shouldn’t be the one who is stressing out about whether the paper is finished – my students should be the ones who are “freaking” out and doing everything they can to get the paper done…and yes, some of them were, but for the most part it seems that I am the one that everything gets dumped on…and that needs to change.

I am struggling right now with how to motivate my students to put out a quality product in a timely manner.  I know as a high school student I loved to procrastinate – so this is nothing new, but at the same time, I need to figure out a way to get them to take more pride and ownership in their work. For most every other class at the high school students do their work and the only other person who sees their work is the teacher and maybe a classmate or two. For my journalism students the entire student body and even some parents are their audience. This is not something that should be taken lightly.

Don’t get my wrong, I love my journalism students, I really do…but how do I get them to take their work to the next level? How do I get them to step out of their comfort zones to be the voice of the student body? How do I motivate them to go beyond what they are doing now? I guess I have a lot to keep my mind busy this weekend…I’m so glad it’s Friday!

In related news, one of my biggest fears – I mean the wake up in a cold sweat nightmare kind of fear – is have a proofreading mistake that is so huge that it makes the news…well, this happened to a professional paper in Wisconsin this week. Take a look at this post from The American Copy Editors Society (ACES).

Thanks for letting me vent…


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