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EHS Football

EHS Football

With the snow days over the past two days, one event that was postponed was signing day for fall sports, namely football.  Although the boys who signed to play football next year all signed their paperwork and sent it in yesterday, today was the day they hosted their signing party in the EHS library.  Traditionally each person who signs has their own signing party, but this year we had six students sign to play football next year on the same day.



The six students who signed were Adam D’Angelo and Devin Sanchez (with Hutch), Austin Birch (with Highland), Connor Stanley (with Missouri Western), Brock Sheldon (with William Jewell) and Brandon Gentz (with Emporia State).  It is an exciting time when students are honored for their athletic achievements by having some or all of their college paid for.  So, congratulations boys…and good luck in the future with both your playing days and your education.

I have had a couple of the students who signed, but I currently only have one…Brandon.  He is the sports editor for The Echo and I know just how hard he has worked to make his dream of playing college ball come true.  It will be exciting to watch him play, since he is playing in town…and who knows, maybe I will actually make it to an ESU game!

Brandon signing with ESU

Brandon signing with ESU

(Just a side note…I was NOT a good photographer today…the boys posed for a super cute picture following their signings and I was too busy chatting with someone that I missed it…boo 😦 )


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