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Last  night when I got the email with my electric bill for last month, I got a NASTY surprise…it was $368 – the highest bill I have EVER had…and with my new “energy efficient” $4000 heater installed too!

At the beginning of December (2 months ago) my old heater died, so I went all in with a brand new energy efficient system.  The day they installed it, the guy seemed pretty nice, but when he left I noticed that it was shooting out cold air – like FRIGID, ICY air. Well, I called them right back and had them come to check it. When he came back he realized that he had crossed some wires while installing the system – so he fixed it, or so I thought.

The New Heater

The New Heater

The first month’s electric bill was a little higher than normal, but I figured it was just taking some time to regulate – I had been running space heaters while the heater was broken – I could justify a higher bill. However, when I got the bill for last month, I knew something was REALLY wrong.

The house I bought nearly three years ago now is an all electric house. I just always assumed that electric heat was just colder than gas heat because that is what everyone told me. The heat constantly ran – if it would shut off for more than 5 minutes in a row I would worry that it was broken.  Come to find out…this is NOT normal.

So, I called the company who installed it today and told them the situation – the guy in charge assured me that it was NOT supposed to work that way and he wanted to send someone out to check it today…which meant leaving school right when my plan began. Within 5 minutes of being at my house, the worker had already fixed the problem…apparently the heat pump had tripped on low pressure (which to me sounds like “blebble blabble” but it finally started to get warm!

For now the heater is fixed…we’ll see how long this lasts…but I will tell you that it shut off for about 15 minutes…that’s a record around here! Besides, I really don’t have $400 to throw out the window each month!

It Shut Off!

It Shut Off!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Here’s hoping it is fixed…

    February 4, 2011 at 5:57 pm

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