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If you’ve ever wanted to find out what it would be like to be a celebrity, you don’t need to be on a popular TV show, become a famous singer or be a leading politician…all you have to do is become an aunt. It seems that I have achieved celebrity status in the eyes of my 3 year old niece Rebecca.

This weekend I came up to KC to do a little shopping and hang out at my sister’s for awhile. Prior to my arrival, Rebecca told everyone at preschool, she planned on what we were going to do (some of my “favorite” things) and I was basically used as an important enough reason to behave for about a week before I came.

I love my niece. She cracks me up and can make my day better just by telling me hi over the phone…we have fun playing Candy Land and Cootie, pretending to be ghosts, painting, putting puzzles together…you name it, we do it. Today was no different. She woke me up by jumping into bed with me at 7, she had to dress like me with her purple and white T-shirt, we had to go get donuts for breakfast because they are my favorite, we played with trains at Barnes and Noble and did some shopping.  When we got home, she had some time to paint…and because my sister lives in the country, we came to McDonald’s tonight to play at the “Playplace” so that I wouldn’t miss a day of uploading to my blog.

The artist at work

The artist at work

Even though she makes me feel like a celebrity, I am actually her personal paparazzi…ALWAYS taking pictures of her (and even teaching her how to take pictures with my “fancy” camera too). Sometimes, as with many celebrities…she gets tired of all the attention!

No pictures please

No pictures please


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    What a cutie–no pictures?! Not that I am prejudiced or anything.

    February 5, 2011 at 9:06 pm

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