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As many of you know being a teacher is more than just about teaching in a classroom (especially this week!) We are asked to fill many roles…counselor, cheerleader, parent, adviser, maid, fundraiser…the list goes on and on.  We not only have to worry about teaching our content, but we often sponsor clubs, work games, make programs, build sets…you name it, we do it. Tonight, once again, I worked the basketball games at EHS. I made the programs for the games because my students weren’t able to with the snow days…I announced the game…I advised my students about cameras and pictures…I consulted with the administration about Spartan Club’s involvement in the ceremony next week…I wore many hats tonight.

What a great game by the Spartans and Lady Spartans tonight.  The girls started off the night with a decisive victory over Highland Park – they played well and consistently all night.  Then it was time for the boys game…and the Scots are a tough test every year.  The boys came out strong to lead from early on in the game and went into halftime with a nice lead. However, in true Highland Park fashion, they stormed back and gave us a scare…but this time, the Spartans fought back and won a great game by 9. It’s always good to see the hard work of the students pay off and tonight was no exception.

Now, for today’s picture…like I said before teachers wear many hats…and being a sponsor of a group is one of those “exciting” hats we wear. As Spartan Club co-sponsor I am glad we are pretty well done with our duties for the year. We survived homecoming and all its joys..and have almost survived Winter Sports…just have the ceremony left. However, the junior class sponsors have just begun…Jamie and Sarah are in the midst of all of the planning and the final stages of fundraising for the junior class…and PROM. I’m sooooo glad that I don’t have to be in charge of prom! Tonight was one of the standard fundraisers for the junior class…working concessions at the game. So, today, here are Jamie and Sarah dealing with the joy that is the popcorn machine…at least I think the machine survived this year!

Popcorn for Prom

Popcorn for Prom


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