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So, it’s finally Saturday…I think! With the erratic schedule we’ve had this week because of the snow days it has felt like Saturday 4 times this week! Today, besides doing the normal Saturday “stuff” I decided to pick up lunch down at Amanda’s Bakery.  I have known Amanda since elementary school and her bakery is delicious! The only bad part about it is that I don’t get to go enough because they are only open for breakfast and lunch, so Saturday is usually a good day for me to go. Well, it seems that A LOT of other people felt the same way today!

When I pulled up to the Kress Center in downtown Emporia, where Amanda’s is located, there were absolutely no parking places! After circling for a bit, I found one and made my way inside. When I got inside, there was a huge line, but I never mind waiting there – and there were so many people there I knew…from former classmates, to colleagues, to former teachers and former and current students there were very few people I didn’t know there. It was crazy!I was in line behind my features editor Abbey who had just finished her ACT and a former editor in chief, Rachel, who is currently student teaching. I love real home-town places like Amanda’s where you get to see a lot of familiar faces and have a nice chat even while standing in a longer line. I got a delicious Knock Out Veggie with some turkey added and had a great lunch and enjoyed some great company while waiting.

I have discovered through this photo a day process that taking photos (when not in a traditional setting) is a little intimidating.  I have never really been nervous when taking pictures – but when there are 15 people standing in a line and many more people enjoying their lunches, taking out a camera to take a picture is a little more difficult than I anticipated. In hindsight – the journalism students around me would have not had a problem with it – I should have just taken a picture of some of them! However, I did drop back by right when Amanda was closing to snap a picture of the bakery…maybe next time I won’t be as apprehensive!



In other news, I do get the pleasure of working the dance tonight…stay tuned…there may be some more photos to be added later tonight!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Sounds like a good time.

    February 12, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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