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I know I’m not THAT old (even though I will get older in a few days), but it amazes me how technology has grown exponentially in the last decade or so.  Now, be prepared…I am going to sound old in this next statement. Back when I was a kid (see…I told you I would sound old) we didn’t have all these new fangled cell phones…we had landline phones. If you didn’t get in touch with someone you either left a message (and not many people even had answering machines) you just waited and called them back later – it was no big deal. Nowadays if you don’t answer your phone someone leaves a message, then texts, then maybe leaves you a facebook message…it is CRAZY!

When I first left for college my sister (who was at K-State my first semester with me) shared a bag phone…yep, that’s right…an honest to goodness BAG phone. We weren’t even cool enough to have a Zach Morris massive cell phone. Obviously I’ve progressed through different cell phones since then, and yes, I do have a Blackberry…but sometimes I wish I wasn’t so easy to get in touch with.

Last week during conferences I was talking to one of my co-workers. We got to talking about texting and cell phones and he told me that he has never owned a cell phone. I was astonished. Even my grandpa has a cell phone and this teacher – who is the same age as me – doesn’t have a cell phone! I told him I was impressed that he could withstand all the pressure to get a cell phone.

As I thought about it more I thought that he might actually have the right idea…everyone survived before cell phones. Everyone was a little more relaxed about life…people actual spoke face to face to other people instead of texting. It’s funny, something that allows people to communicate in so many different ways has actually made us worse at truly communicating with one another. Texts can be interpreted in so many different ways – people often misunderstand a message sent…the trouble is I don’t’ think we can ever go back…

At the Emporia High basketball game in Manhattan tonight it was interesting to watch the crowd (I notice it at our home games too)…many of their students were standing at the game, but they weren’t watching it, they were looking at their cell phones! I always want to go over to them and say “Live in the moment..don’t live in your cell phone!” How great would it be if we took a break from our cell phones…just a day or two without that constant “companion.” I wonder how many people could do it…I guess I’ll find out in 3 weeks when I head to Italy and will be without my phone for a week…this could get ugly!

A Wired World

A Wired World


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  1. Dee Schwinn

    Very perceptive. When the guys were bowling–they were all on their phones.

    February 22, 2011 at 11:22 pm

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