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One of the best part of going on a trip is bringing back something for the people you love. Well, when we got up this morning – after a glorious night of sleep – it was time to give presents to my sister and Rebecca before I headed home to Emporia.

While we were in Florence, Annamaria told us about an author from Florence by the name of Carlo Collodi. While the name Collodi may not mean anything to you, I’m sure you know his most famous work…The Adventures of Pinocchio. They are VERY proud of the fact that Pinocchio was written by Collodi and in Florence Pinocchio is basically everywhere. So…one of the gifts I got Rebecca was a Pinocchio doll. It was a big hit today, so the picture is her playing with the marionette.

"I've got no strings..."

"I've got no strings..."

I have to tell you, I’ve never really had to experience jet lag…but today I am definitely feeling it.  I’m trying to make it to 10 so I can actually be on a real schedule. I hope it works!


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