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As much as I enjoyed the food in Italy, one thing I did miss was a good old hamburger…so tonight, I didn’t hesitate when ordering at Coach’s…it was a Coach’s burger all the way…and, yes, I did take a picture of my food. I also took pictures of all my meals in Italy too – weird, I know, but a great way to remember what we ate each day.  It was interesting that most of the times our meals (provided as part of our tour) consisted of a pasta course, then a meat course followed by a dessert. I had some amazing pesto while we were in Florence, had some great tiramisu in Rome, and some delicious pizza in Ostia…not to mention the gelato.

I tried to eat gelato every day – and we missed one, but made up for it in Rome on the last day, but eating it twice! The first day I got the “traditional” limone and fragola (lemon and strawberry), the second day it was peanut butter, then it was pineapple and coconut (amazing!), then it was cookie and chocolate chip, followed by mango and lemon, and finally chocolate and pistachio. Sooooo good…but now it’s time to buckle down on the diet again…vacation is over – I’ve had my hamburger and I’m ready to focus again! At least I can hope!

All-American Burger!

All-American Burger!

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the weather today…really, really?! Accumulating snow?! Really?! Because I’ll want to remember this when it is over 100 later in the year, I thought I’d add the photo to today’s post.

Snow, snow, snow...

Snow, snow, snow...


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