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Today was finally the first really warm day we’ve had all year.  Yesterday was nice, but today it was in the mid-upper 80s for much of the day.  it was also WINDY! My dad had a meeting in Burlington, so I headed over to my parents’ house to spend the afternoon with my mom.

One of the first activities we did when I got there was take Hank and my mom’s dog, Lexie, for a walk.  The dogs get along pretty well and they enjoyed their walk around the block…although when they got home they were panting up a storm! They spent the rest of the afternoon standing or laying in front of the fan. Today’s first photo is Lexie rolling around on the living room floor – and Hank giving her a little kiss.

Sharing a kiss

Sharing a kiss

While the dogs recovered from our walk, Mom and I watched “Letters to Juliet” (which she has had at her house for a good 2-3 months…so I thought it was time she watched it). The dogs finally settled down and Lexie curled up on her favorite…the blue pillow. She is a WEIRDO with that thing…it’s like her security blanket and she freaks out when my mom puts it in the washer. It was a fun afternoon…hopefully with the change in weather we will get to take the dogs out together even more.

Lexie and her pillow

Lexie and her pillow


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Glad you came over and I really enjoyed the movie. Good pictures!!

    April 3, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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