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The signs are all there…I’ve had to mow, my students are beginning to act crazy, I’m started to be busy every night…and…I’ve had my first Tropical Sno of the year…yes, summer is fast approaching – which is both good…and bad. Today I made my first visit to the Trop. Lauren and I were planning on going out to school to send yearbook proofs, and she was working before we went out, so I stopped by and had her make me a sno cone. For my first of the year I went with Tiger’s Blood…delicious! It wasn’t too hot out, so I didn’t have to stand in a line and made my way out to school to get some work done before Lauren came out to school.

At the Trop

At the Trop

Whenever I go to Tropical Sno here, I always think of the sno cone place in JC that we would go to sometimes when we had nights off at the Rock…I remember going there sometimes and the lines were outrageous! I also remember standing behind a pregnant lady one time – and she ordered a dill pickle sno cone…that’s right…dill pickle! I couldn’t believe it! Junction City will always hold kind of a special place in my heart because it was the “big city” when I worked at Rock Springs. There were many random trips to the Wal-Mart my first summer…before all of the rooms had air conditioning…there were the two nights in a row that we all went to the miniature golf course…there were the random trips to Mr. Goodcents and Dillons Chinese (especially nights with spaghetti)…all good memories…and all memories I wouldn’t trade for anything.


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  1. Dee Schwinn

    Must be getting nostalgic for Rock Springs?! Tiger’s Blood—what is that/

    April 17, 2011 at 7:47 pm

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