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Today would have been my Grandma’s (Davis) birthday. Although she passed away nearly 10 years ago now, I can still hear her laugh, remember the smell of her cooking us pancakes in the morning and am reminded on a regular basis of some of the lessons she taught me in the 20 years I got to spend with her. Even though she only got to attend school through the eighth grade, she was one of the smartest, hardest working and caring women I will ever know.

My grandma was, first and foremost, a great cook.  She worked in the food industry for most of her life and taught me some of those skills so some day I can pass them on to my own children and grandchildren.  She would always let me help her make pies…and even let me make some cinnamon-sugar pies with our extra dough.  She also taught me how to make homemade noodles – something I haven’t done in a really long time – but one of those things your grandma has to teach you.

One of the best lessons my grandma taught me was how to crochet.  She was so patient as I learned how to hold the hook (which I still don’t do right) and make a chain.  Once she taught me how to chain I worked, and worked, and worked on that skill. I actually even gave her a present one time of an entire box of chains that I had made (out of brown yarn) that she kept her entire life.  From there she continued teaching me more and more stitches until I was almost (but not quite) as good as her.  She could crochet in her sleep!! I remember seeing her asleep one time as she was still crocheting. She made all of the grandkids crocheted bears one Christmas and also made all of us afghans (a tradition I would like to include with my own family some day). Every time I pick up a new crocheting project to work on, I think of my grandma and this special gift she gave me.

Ironically, the one person she couldn’t teach was her own daughter (my mom). However, I was able to teach my mom how to crochet and she actually finished a lap blanket for my grandma for a Christmas present during one of her last Christmases.  It took some convincing before Grandma would believe that her daughter actually made it!

Some of the best memories I have with my grandma was watching her interact with her sisters. You could tell when they got together what a handful they must have been for my great-grandparents.  I enjoy getting to see my great aunts still to this day because they all remind me (in different ways) of my grandma, especially my Great Aunt Paula.  I feel like they have the same laugh and it always puts a smile on my face to hear it and remember Grandma laughing with Grandpa and my mom and dad and other relatives in the kitchen after Sara and I had gone to bed.

There are way too many memories to share in this one blog post. My grandma was a great lady who was loved by many, many people.  She made the world a better place by simply being in it – and I miss her warm smile and gentle heart. However, through all the lessons I learned from her, I know that she is still with me as I work on crochet projects or bake that perfect pie. Thanks, Grandma, I love you.

My grandma's legacy

My grandma's legacy


2 responses

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Way to make me cry….Very well said. Love you.

    May 11, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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