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Today I got to spend the day with my sister and niece in KC. Sara had to go to Gradulation (as Rebecca calls it), so I made a quick trip up for the day to hang out with Becs while my sister was at commencement.

Rebecca has been feeling sick the past couple of days (probably related to allergies) so instead of doing all we had planned to do (including going to Walls of Clay to paint some pottery) we ended up stopping at Target after dropping off Sara – and then heading to the Sedgwick house. Rebecca was in a funk, but about 5:30 she got out of the fog and we decided to go to the park.

In the craziness when Rebecca was in a terrible mood, her glasses broke…so, even though she was worried she wouldn’t be able to see – which was not even remotely going to be a problem, we headed to the park. She had a great day at the park – going down all of the slides except the tunnel slide…

At the park

At the park

Her favorite part of the park today was the merry go round.  When we first got there, the merry go round was inhabited by some older kids who were going “way too fast” so we waited and then we got our turn.  We had already been on a carousel in the morning, so she was prepared for the fun of the merry go round.  She had a great time – and I’m glad it was just her on there so she could go a speed she actually wanted to go.

Happy on the Merry go Round

Happy on the Merry go Round

After the park, it was time for me to head home (and try to beat the storms). I got to see some spectacular clouds on my way home – and got home just in time – I ran into some hail, but didn’t have to deal with the tornadoes!

The storm building

The story building


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Repeating–glad you made it home!!

    May 21, 2011 at 10:08 pm

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