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With the end of the school year, there are always some good-byes to say as well.  This year, we are lucky that we only had to say farewell to two staff members, but I will definitely miss both of them.  One of those leaving is retiring. Teresa Maley has been a counselor at EHS for 9 years, but she has been a member of the EHS family for much longer, as a parent.

As a counselor, I always know that the kids I send to her will be taken care of.  She cares so much about her students and will do anything to help them.  My students love her because she is a GREAT interview.  Whenever they have questions related to seniors or testing, I always send them to Teresa because she will answer their whole list of questions without even the questions being asked! The kids always come back and say that they asked the very first question and then she talked and talked and answered all of the rest before they could ask them. Not all interviewees are that helpful.

At the luncheon we had after the kids left, we had a special time to recognize Teresa and all of her accomplishments, and that’s where today’s picture comes from. It’s always nice to get together with co-workers and honor someone like Teresa who has been such an important part of our “family.” Of course, she had to endure some ribbing from Mr. Sheldon, but that comes with the territory!

I will miss Teresa’s smiling face in the office, I will miss her happy announcements over the intercom and I will miss the care and compassion she put into her job every day.  I know that Teresa is excited to enjoy her retirement, but EHS will be missing her each and every day.

Happy Retirement, Teresa!

Happy Retirement, Teresa!


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  1. Dee Schwinn

    Well said. In the words of one of my students “I just go see Mrs. Maley; she knows what I need to do” whether she was there counselor or not.

    May 25, 2011 at 7:27 am

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