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Tonight was a busy night for me! Usually I don’t have a lot going on in the evenings, but tonight was an exception…I had TWO parties I was invited to, so I was going to be a party-hopping girl for the evening.

The night started at the Sarah and BJ Sweet’s housewarming. The food was great, the company was better and I spent about an hour there before heading to the other party. Luckily the parties were literally one block from each other, so I walked over to Josh and Tabitha’s engagement party at the Gilpin’s.  It was great to get to see some people I don’t get to see on a regular basis and spend some time celebrating Josh and Tab.  I am so glad that I was able to go to Italy with them and get to know them better, and I was glad that I got to help celebrate them tonight.  After spending about an hour at that party, I headed back to the Sweet’s and ended my night there.

I have to tell you, it was kind of fun to see the different atmospheres of the two parties. Both were fun and had great food and company.  Of course, the Sweet’s had the biggest Diva…she showed up nearly 3 hours late, but soon became the life of the party…and she made today’s photo:

Daisy the Diva

Daisy the Diva

Daisy is a basset hound..and how can you not love that face.  She was VERY interested in getting some of the tasty treats when she made her grand entrance, and she made sure to check everyone out at the party.  I had such a good time at both parties tonight. What a great summer evening!



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