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Family, friends, football, fun…Dallas Bound! (#4)

Finally! After waiting through almost all of the other bowl games…not really so patiently, today was finally the day to leave for the bowl game. Luckily I had school today, so the day went pretty quickly, and Sara got to leave her work day at school a little early, so we got to head out of Emporia at about 5.  We drove to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma where we are staying the night before we drive the less than 2 hours to Dallas tomorrow.

I am sooooo glad to finally be on this trip.  I very rarely take personal days from school (that are TRULY personal days) and it will be great to get to spend some time with my sister over these next couple of days.  She is my best friend and although we talk multiple times throughout the day, it will be a nice treat to get to spend some time with her – rooting on the Cats and experiencing some new things in Dallas.

So, today’s photo is the photo we took as we were preparing to leave my parents’ house today.  Rebecca is spending THREE WHOLE DAYS with MeMa and PePa while we at the game, so we left her there before heading on our way.  Can’t wait to get the Dallas tomorrow and see it packed with purple!!

Ready to Roll!

Ready to Roll!


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  1. Dee Schwinn

    Have a great time.

    January 5, 2012 at 7:00 am

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