photographing, cooking, laughing through life

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” #17

Today’s six words were borrowed from famous English writer Virgina Woolf…but I think they definitely hold true over 70 years after her death.  Each and every day we get bombarded with different situations and must make many, many different decisions. How we choose to react to each situation is what truly defines us.  Was this the life I had mapped out for myself when I was “planning” my future? No…but I feel like,as different “pieces” have come my way, I have arranged them into a pretty good life with family and friends that I care about and who care about me, a great job with wonderful students and a house that is mine…and even if I may be missing a piece or two (kind of like the puzzle pieces in today’s picture) I know that one day I will find every piece that belongs in my life.


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