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“Pin”spiration Week 6 bonus – T-Shirt scarf

After my t-shirt scarf making fun from last week, I decided I needed to make a K-State one, so I went back to the same site and found another one to make. This one required some sewing, but it was just a straight line, so even beginners can make this one! I got the directions from HERE.

You will need:

Old T-shirts (or other jersey knit fabric), rotary cutter, cutting mat, 4 X 4 square, scissors, a sewing machine, pins and thread.

First you need to prepare your t-shirts.  I’m planning on making a t-shirt quilt of my shirts from college (someday – hopefully this summer) so I cut off the sleeves and the backs of the shirts and saved the fronts for the quilt.

Next you need to cut the shirts into 4″ by 4″ squares.  I found a square that size at Wal-Mart which made this project super easy.

You will need however many squares you want to make the length of scarf you want. I cut out 64 squares and made a SUPER long scarf, but I love the way it looks when it is doubled up.

Then you take the squares and attach them together so that they make diamond shapes. The tip of one of the diamonds should be in about the center of the next square.

This part probably takes the longest...I made sure to intersperse the shirt pieces that were a little more worn in order to give the scarf more dimension.

Next it is time to sew.  Make sure that the tips lay flat as you are sewing.  I made sure the tips on the back were the ones that went in the same direction I was sewing so I could keep a better eye on the ones facing the opposite direction.

I used a zig-zag stitch (which I guess I hadn't done before with this sewing machine so it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out)

Once you have finished sewing you are done! the finished product is super cute and lightweight.  I’m excited to wear this soon!!

Ready for a K-State game!

I want to try one that alternates colors – maybe a Spartan one or a K-State one that uses purple and white.


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  1. Dee Schwinn

    That looks very nice.

    February 5, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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