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Pinspiration Week 7 – St. Patrick’s Day Rag Wreath

This week’s Pinterest project comes from a blog called “The Magic of Ordinary Things” and her directions can be found HERE. I will tell you what I did – which varies a little from her directions.  This wreath is fun, festive and can be made with any fabrics/colors to tailor it to your needs – I’m thinking there could be some fun Easter fabrics or Halloween fabrics, or you could just use whatever leftover fabric you have and make a completely random one.  The choice is yours.  I wanted to make one specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, so I found some cheap green fabrics, borrowed leftovers from some friends and bought some specific St. Patrick’s ones that were on sale at Hobby Lobby when I went last weekend… So – here are the directions.

1. Gather together fabric, a wire hanger, wire cutters (or if you are like me and used a REALLY old hanger, you might be able to snap the hanger without wire cutters), scissors and some ribbon.

2. Take the fabric and rip it into 1 inch (or so) strips that are approximately 9-12 inches long.  I found I liked 9 inches better once I got to making my wreath.  This was a great way to deal with some stress – just rip away! I also found that I had to use some scissors to get the rips started on some of the fabric.  By ripping the fabric, you will get a great “rag” texture to your strips.

3. Take a wire hanger and clip off the hook (or don’t and use that for your hanging mechanism) and then bend the hanger into a circle.  this was definitely the hardest part of this project.  I’m sure you could buy a wire circle at a craft store, but I loved the fact that I could recycle something I didn’t use anymore (don’t most of us use plastic or wooden hangers nowadays?) Secure the two ends of the circle together with tape.

4. Next take one of your rag strips, wrap the strip around the hanger (making the ends the same length) and tie it into a knot. Continue this step until your entire wreath is filled. In the beginning it will look like this:

I think it took me about 45 minutes to actually put all of the fabric pieces around the wreath.

5. The final step is to put on a ribbon to hold the wreath (if you aren’t going to hang it on a hook).

It’s as simple as that – a quick, easy and stress relieving project! Here is the final product:

What a quick, easy and stress relieving project...and I even have more fabric if someone is interested in one of their own...


One response

  1. Dee Schwin

    At least your mom still has some wire hangers!!

    February 12, 2012 at 3:08 pm

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