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Special day, from start to finish. #60

Today was a special day for me.  Every four years the world gets an extra day to make up for the fact that it takes a little over 365 days for the Earth to orbit the sun.  And every four years, I get an actual birthday.  During my non-birthday years I, of course, still celebrate, but there is something nice about actually having a DAY to call my birthday.  What a great day for me to celebrate my “8th” birthday!

The day started out with flowers, cookies, a gift and some cards from two of my best friends.  It was a great way to start the day and definitely put a smile on my face.  When the kids arrived, there were cupcakes, some coffee and lots of “Happy Birthday” wishes.  Every class and everyone in the hallway was quick to wish me a happy birthday – and most also quickly pointed out this would be the ONLY time in their high school years that they would get to celebrate my real birthday with me. I had a great lunch from El Lorito, got an adorable scarf from a couple of girls (not to mention a great book from a student yesterday) and finished a fun day at school.

Then it was time to head home…to 5 cards in the mail! I love getting cards and got some from family members and from two of my other best friends.  After staying home for a little bit, I headed over to supper at my parents’ house.  There were some gifts (thanks Mom and Dad) and a good supper – and some ice cream cake before it was time to head to the basketball game.

Flashback to 4 years ago (my last real birthday)…I was asked to announce a basketball game for our girls AT Bishop Carroll that night, and I did, even though it was my birthday.  Tonight, luckily, we hosted, but it was still me announcing on my birthday! The game was good – and the students even sang to me at halftime.  It was a great gift to have the students wish me a happy birthday and made up for the fact that I had to work tonight (don’t get me wrong, I love announcing).

Thanks to everyone who made today a special one.  Can’t wait to head to KC this weekend and then to Manhattan with Sara for the K-State game! Might as well make the special day last a little longer!!

Pretty flowers to start my day!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    I’m glad you enjoyed your day. Love you!

    February 29, 2012 at 9:30 pm

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