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It was time for a change.

The summer before my senior year in college I was faced with a “tough” decision…my 1990 Dodge Spirit (aka the Silver Bullet) decided that it was time to go to that little garage in the sky and it was time to get a new car.  After a few days of looking I made the decision to purchase my first-ever brand new car…a 2001 Toyota Echo.

A fantastically economic car (GREAT gas mileage) albeit a little “space” looking…I was so excited to have a brand new car.  Nicknamed the Silver BB by some of my friends, the Echo served me well.  It saw me through my commuting in KC for student teacher, drove me during my first job in Marysville, gave rides to many people in the HUGE trunk at Rock Springs, helped me move from my first apartment in Emporia to my first rental house…all the while getting about 37 miles to the gallon.  Ironically when I moved back to Emporia and took over the journalism department at EHS the car even fit with my job as the adviser of “The Echo” – it was the perfect car for me…until now. Of course, 11 years into having my Echo there began to be a few problems – small little things breaking here and there…and I finally decided to deal with it and look into new cars.

Sure, I could have been practical – getting a similar compact car that gets great gas mileage, but I thought…why not get a kind of car that I’ve always wanted…so, I decided to purchase a Toyota Rav4…and I LOVE it.  I hope that it will provide me with the same years of great service the Echo did – and I hope that I continue to love it as much as I do right now.  In many ways it is far superior to the Echo…I mean it has power windows, a sun roof, bluetooth (love the hands free callling), remote keyless entry…yeah…I know many of those things are standard, but they definitely were not in 2001!

Now, the only problem is…how will I convince my students to rename the paper “The Rav4”?!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Cute…about renaming the paper.

    August 4, 2012 at 9:55 pm

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