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The one where I get crafty.

I knew this time was coming…after more than two weeks of a break – school starts tomorrow.  So, how did I spend this last “free” day…making a craft! Add another pin to my “I made that” board!!

Today’s project was a Heart Argyle Valentine’s Wreath that I got from HERE:

What you need – Wreath form, 2 colors of felt, yarn, heart pattern, marker and hot glue gun.

Valentine 1

First, you want to wrap your wreath form in yarn – this is actually kind of time consuming, so find a good movie andget to it!

valentine 2

Next use your heart pattern and trace hearts on your felt – the number you need will depend on how big your hearts are – you will need an equal number of each color…I maybe should have cut mine a little smaller…
Valentine 3

Be careful to make sure that you can’t see the marker anymore when you flip it over….and plug in your hot glue gun!valentine 4

Place your hearts in an alternating fashion around the wreath and hot glue them in place. (Atticus wanted to be in the picture…)valentine 5

Finally, glue a piece of yarn to the back and wrap it around the wreath in a diagonal over the hearts…then take another piece of yarn going the opposite direction.  Ta da!!
valentine 6


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    turned out nicely.

    January 7, 2013 at 10:50 pm

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