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What I plan to do this summer…

Awhile ago I purchased the 8 Wonders of Kansas! Guidebook compiled by the Kansas Sampler Foundation.  The book is the culmination of a contest conducted from 2007-2010 and highlights 216 of the best places to visit in Kansas.  As a life-long Kansas resident, I have visited many of the destinations in the book (which I will discuss in my next blog post) but there are hundreds that I haven’t visited. 

My plan this summer is to check more of these unique and fascinating places off my list and to see a little more of my home state in the process.  I hope to take at least 4 mini road trips this summer to tackle much of the list – and maybe visit a few more here and there along the way.  I know there is no way that I will get through the list in one summer, but I’m excited to start the process of planning a few of the trips! 

As expected, I will take you along on the journey with me.  I hope to write about and (of course) photograph my experiences along the way.  Are you ready, because I can’t wait to get started!!



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    June 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm

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