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8 Wonders of Kansas! Architecture

The next section of the 8 Wonders of Kansas! book looks at the beautiful architecture found in the 34th state in the union.  Although people my think of us as a “fly-over” state, there is some beautiful architecture within the state’s 82,277 square miles of the state…let’s see how many of these I’ve actually visited…

Top 8 Wonders:

* 1.  Chase County Courthouse, Cottonwood Falls * (I love this gorgeous building and have been there many times – thanks to only living about 25 miles away)


Courthouse in Cottonwood Falls

2. Cooper Barn, Colby

3. Fromme-Birney Round Barn, Mullinville

4. Holy Cross Church, Pfeifer

* 5. Kansas State Capitol, Topeka * (If you are a Kansas resident and haven’t at least seen the capitol building, then you aren’t really a Kansas resident in my opinion.  Visited the inside of the building for the first time in 4th grade – still remember that experience!)

6. Lebold Mansion, Abilene (I’ve heard this is now privately owned, so no tours)

7. Ness County Bank, Ness City

8. Seelye Mansion, Abilene


Adobe House, Hillsboro

Brown Mansion, Coffeyville

Chapel of the Veterans, Leavenworth (how is it I’ve never seen this and been to Leavenworth tons of times?! – maybe I have and just didn’t know it?)

* Dyche Hall, Lawrence * (thanks to another field trip, this time in 5th grade, I’ve been here – might be worth a second visit as I didn’t pay much attention to the architecture of the building – maybe because I was 10?)

* Franklin County Courthouse, Ottawa * (been here too, but didn’t pay much attention – worth a second look)

Historic Fox Theatre, Hutchinson

John Mack Bridge, Wichita

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Ulysses

Masonic Center, Salina

Muchnic Home and Art Gallery, Atchison

Osborne County Courthouse, Osborne

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Damar

Sampson of the Cimarron, Seward County

* Topeka High School, Topeka * (gorgeous building, when I’m in the cafeteria, I feel like I’m at Hogwarts…)

Wichita Carthalite, Wichita

Windsor Hotel, Garden City

Uh oh…looks like I’ve only seen 5 of the winners and finalists in this category…I suppose I’ll have to rely on you to help me narrow down this list to the MUST sees for this summer. Have you visited any of these places? Tell me where I need to go in the comments!


2 responses

  1. Harold

    You been by the Masonic Center in Salina. It’s near the hospital and the Sonic which is downtown.

    June 13, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    • Dee Schwinn

      And I have been in it..

      June 13, 2013 at 3:36 pm

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