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The hiatus is over…

Over the past couple of weeks my students have been working on their own blogs in my digital journalism class.  We researched kinds of blogs and posts and even had Jessie from Then I Laughed (check out her amazing blog here) come speak to the students about professional blogging. It has been fun to see their enthusiasm and ideas incorporated into their blogs as they have completed the first 2-3 posts.

And that’s when I began to feel guilty…

I’ve had this blog for a few years and always have good intentions of keeping up to date by posting daily…insert the craziness that is my life. I know, once again, there’s that excuse – and I need to stop making that excuse and really make an effort to blog every day. If this is something that I want to make a priority, I need to really focus and be organized with it.

So, here is the first post of the rest of my life…as a blogger…hopefully I haven’t lost all of the people who had been reading, and hopefully I can gain more readership.

Thanks for following my journey!


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