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Resolutions…not this year.

Every year I make a few resolutions – and every year, I seem to stick with them for a few months before inevitably each one ends in failure.  So, this year, I decided that I would not set myself up for failure yet again because 2014 will be my year…although 2013 wasn’t too shabby either.

One area of my life that really changed in 2013 was that I expanded my photography work.  I had been doing some work for the gazette for several years – and had done a few family photos, etc., here and there, but last year, my photo business really took off.  There really is nothing better than doing something you are passionate about – and seeing someone else get enjoyment out of it.  Being able to capture special moments in people’s lives – from weddings, to newborn photos, to senior pictures – each of these events is something that people can look back on and remember forever thanks, in small part, to me.  When one of my friends asked me in 2012 to take some family photos for him, I had no idea what it would become.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Besides continually working on my photography, I have a few other goals I’d like to accomplish in 2014 – some of which I hope to share with you on here.

  • Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed, so my goal is to read a book a week (or at least share one that I’ve read with you each week).  I’ll probably need to stockpile some of the reading when I’m not quite as busy, but I hope to give at least one book review a week on this blog.  (52 books to go!)
  • I also really enjoy cooking (and Pinterest) so I plan on sharing a recipe a week with you that I have tried.  I made my first new recipe for the year today (and it was a success – stay tuned for the recipe!!) – 1 down – 51 to go!
  • It’s always a goal for me to improve in my photography and I hope to continue trying new poses, testing some other techniques – including some work in photoshop.  Instead of trying to do a photo a day project (and failing mid-August or so) I hope to share a new photo with you each week – something that I’ve either tried that is new, or that I’m especially proud of.
  • I also want to go somewhere new this year (okay – maybe several places that are new).  Travel has always been something I’ve really enjoyed and I hope to share some of my road trip experiences with you too.
  • Besides that, I want to continue to strive to be healthier, continue to work to be a better teacher, and just share some of my insights as I embark on the journey that will be 2014.

You know what…I’ve decided 14 is my lucky number!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    I enjoy your writing. Love you. I have one book already done for the year….Of course, I kind of cheated with most of it read in 2013.

    January 1, 2014 at 8:01 pm

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