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The coffee shop conundrum…

I love going to coffee shops…I love the smells, the “elevator music” and the people watching. Coffee shops allow me a place to totally focus on my work.  If I need to get lesson plans done, photos worked or papers graded, I head to the coffee shop.  I’ve found that if I stay home I just get distracted by anything and everything.  Maybe it’s the TV, maybe it’s the pets, maybe it’s the lure of a nap…all things missing when you are sitting at a table in the coffee shop. Needless to say, they will probably always be my go-to place when I really need to get work done.

However, what I don’t need to do is spend the amount of money I could possibly spend buying coffee at said coffee shops. When I’m there to work, a hot tea or cold tea (with free refills!) doesn’t seem so bad…but stopping by on my way to work every morning adds up, so it was time to figure out a way to save a little cash! Enter, the Christmas present from my parents…a Keurig!! The only trouble…I wasn’t sure exactly how to make the latte I love so much without a milk steamer. So, it was the internet to the rescue!

I found multiple ways to do a latte at home, using a Keurig – and have found a way that doesn’t take too much time for me to make (which is good because I don’t usually have too much time in the morning…I love sleep too much)

First, gather your cast of characters:


Your Keurig, coffee syrup, K-cup, milk and blender

I’m partial to the skinny vanilla latte, so I chose sugar-free syrup as my syrup of choice, but all that’s up to you.

Next, you need to put your syrup in your cup of choice and brew your coffee – I prefer a light roast (I like a little coffee with my milk) but I’m trying to use up my freebie k-cups that came with my Keurig, so I went with the Italian roast today.  Depending on how strong you like your latte, choose that setting.


While the coffee is brewing, heat your milk in the microwave.  I’ve found, for me, a cup of milk is just about right for the size of mug I use.  I heat my milk for a minute.

Once the milk is heated it’s now time to steam (or in this case, blend). Simply pour the milk into a blender (I tried my magic bullet, but it didn’t handle the warm milk well for some reason) and blend on a high setting until you start to get a little foam – I usually go for about 30 seconds.


Finally, add the milk, slowly, to your coffee/syrup and enjoy!


Totally simple, and totally cheaper than stopping by on my way to work! Nothing better! Sure, it’s not quite the same as a coffee shop coffee, but it’s close enough for me!


4 responses

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Glad to see the present is working!

    January 5, 2014 at 4:40 pm

  2. Cyndy Moneymaker

    You post such great ideas and recipes! I will definitely try this.

    We love our Keurig but gave up using the store bought K-cups due to the cost and I hated throwing away the used K-cups each day. We recycle everything and only the foil top and paper liner are recyclable. We use the personal K-Cup and love it! Ours came with our Keurig but you can buy them if yours did not. You can use regular ground coffee or buy your own beans and grind them. Not only are we saving some money and the planet (a little bit) the coffee tastes so fresh and flavorful.

    January 6, 2014 at 9:57 am

    • Awesome, Cyndy! I’m such a Keurig newbie that I didn’t know about this! I will definitely put that on my birthday wish list!

      January 6, 2014 at 4:04 pm

      • Cyndy Moneymaker

        There are also several generic versions of the personal K-cup…a bit less expensive. I’m trying your latte tomorrow. Can’t wait!

        January 7, 2014 at 4:40 pm

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