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Top Ten Tuesday – Snow Day Activities

With Emporia in the middle of Snowmageddon 2014, the schools (actually the entire state) decided to shut down for the day.  Snow days always bring an unexpected “free” day to students and teachers alike.  I thought it might be timely to do this week’s Top Ten on my favorite snow day activities.

alarm10. Sleep in – Now, the definition for sleeping in varies from person to person.  For me, it means not setting an alarm.  If I wake up at 7:15, like I did this morning, great. If I wake up at 9, that’s fine too! The fact is that I don’t HAVE to get up! Just that simple fact makes the day an amazing one.  There is always something I have to get to – no matter what day of the week…school, a tournament, church…but a snow day is that magical time where there is NO WHERE to go!

9. Eat a real breakfast – The old adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” is one that I fully understand, but hardly ever follow.  I do try to eat some kind of breakfast, but it usually ends up being a Ziploc baggie of cereal…not a real breakfast.  Snow day traditions for me include starting off the day with something delicious – today’s breakfast, an omelette and a latte…perfection.


8. Pray for another snow day – What’s better than a snow day? Anothersnow day!! Luckily, Emporia has already called school for tomorrow, so I already know I’m getting another day off.  Now I can start praying for the snow to stop…we don’t need 3 snow days.


7. Grade/get caught up – Okay, I know this isn’t an exciting activity, but a snow day affords you the chance to get a little grading done or to get other work caught up.  Unfortunately we have page proofs due at the plant tomorrow – a snow day doesn’t stop them from being due.  So, today, I spent a few hours working on pages and getting things ready to send tomorrow.  Although I’ll have to get out in the snow tomorrow to go to school and send the pages, I did get a chance to get all of them caught up today.


Reviewing spreads…

6. Clean – Much like grading, this isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it is a luxury to actually get to spend some quality time cleaning.  I usually like to choose a project as part of the cleaning, one of those “extra” things that I need to do, but don’t always take the time to do.  Today’s project was straightening up my kitchen cupboards.  I said good-bye to some rock hard brown sugar that had taken up residence in the back of the cupboard and got it organized.

5. Bake/Cook – I’ve tried to be better about doing a lot more cooking at home lately, but a snow day is a great day to do even more.  Today was filled with a lot of cleaning and grading, but I have plans to make some spicy pretzels tomorrow, a new mushroom rice recipe tonight…and who knows what else! Spending some quality time in the kitchen is always a good thing.

4. Read – It’s a little-know (make that well-known) fact that I love to read. Losing myself in a book is a luxury during the school year.  I have stacks upon stacks of books in my to-read pile, not to mention several on my nook that I really want to get started.  So, I spent about an hour mid-morning and will spend a few more hours over the next day and a half making a small dent in that stack. Stay tuned for the reviews!

3. Watch movies/Netflix – To balance out all that work and reading, spending some time snuggled under blankets watching a movie or binge-watch a series or two on Netflix.  My current series of choice is Bones…only a few more episodes left until I reach the end of what they have on Netflix.  Then it will be time to find a new series – I’m think the BBC Sherlock Holmes might be next on the list.

2.  Play in the Snow – Sledding, making a snowman, having a snowball fight – you name it, it’s all part of the perks of having to deal with the snow.  Another one of my favorite things to do in the snow is to take pictures – there is something so beautiful about being out in the quiet of the snowfall and capturing some pictures that I really enjoy. Unfortunately for adults, “playing” in the snow usually begins with shoveling the snow, but I think I’ll hold off on that until tomorrow.

1. Whatever I want – That’s right…whatever I want. Thanks, snow day, for the unexpected time off…Let’s hang out again tomorrow!


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Even retired teachers still do the snow day activities. I did many of these…but you know what? When you retire you get to do number 1 every day!!

    February 4, 2014 at 5:42 pm

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