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Top Ten Tuesday – Board Games

Last weekend my sister and niece came to visit.  I love when they come visit, and I love spoiling my niece.  This weekend she got her Valentine’s present from me…the board game Apples to Apples.  I love, love, love playing board games, so I really like the fact that Rebecca loves playing them too.  We played the game for about an hour and a half straight and had so many laughs while we played.

That got me thinking…what are my absolute favorite board games? I never really realized how many there were out there until I started thinking.  I even had to pull out the card games I thought of (Skip-Bo, Uno…) – will have to be it’s own post, I think!

10. Candy Land – This is literally the first board game for most kids.  Our version of Candy Land looks exactly like the one in the picture.  It’s a fantastic game for kids to learn how to play games (including how to lose…which is a toughie) and also to practice colors and matching.  There are always tricks that you used to know which cards were good ones…you knew which “candy” card would send you back to near the start.  We also had Candy Land Bingo too…which was tons of fun.  I’m glad I’ve gotten to relive playing both of these games with Rebecca!
9. Chutes and Ladders – I LOVED Chutes & Ladders!! I know my mom hated playing it, but it was really one of my favorites growing up. I didn’t even mind that most of the time I ended up having to slide down the BIG chute…it just meant the game would last longer.  It’s known as the games of “rewards and consequences” and that’s one thing I loved about the game.  If the “character” did something good (helping a cat out of a tree) you are rewarded by climbing the ladder (and the cat loves you). However, if the character does something bad (eating a whole box of chocolates), then the consequences is they have to go down the chute (and get a stomachache)
8. Checkers –  A definite game of strategy, this is one of the oldest board games there is.  I’m 99 percent sure the picture to the right is exact version we had. Obviously, most people know what checkers is all about.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I played ACTUAL checkers, but I’ve played a lot on the computer or on my phone.  Rebecca is pretty good at playing, which makes it fun to play against her.  I also loved Chinese Checkers (where you try to get all of your marbles across the board before your opponents…man…I may have to go to my parents’ house and find the Chinese Checker board!!
7. Yahtzee – The sound of dice shaking in a plastic cup…the thrill is dumping them out…the exhilaration of a Yahtzee!!! This game of luck (and a little strategy) is another favorite.  The standard version from the 80s that we owned was a simple red cup, standard dice, etc.  Nowadays, there are TONS of different versions.  My niece has a Muppet version that has the characters on instead of dice.  I never understood why my parents wanted us to play this game in our bedroom with the door closed…until I got a little older! Still such a fun game and good memories.
6. Memory – For this one…let’s take a little stroll down “Memory” lane…Honestly, how great was this game?! I loved playing and still enjoy playing memory games.  The old version is a thousand times better than the newer versions.  There are also tons of online versions you can play.

5. Monolopy – “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game” is another one that has continually evolved since it first came out in the mid-1930s.  If you haven’t played at least some version of this game, you have literally been living under a rock.  This is Rebecca’s all-time favorite game, especially since MeMa and PePa got her a My Little Pony version for Christmas.  Although I don’t think I’ve ever played the game full out (until someone goes bankrupt) it is  a lot of fun buying properties, collecting rent from your competitors and seeing who finishes the game with the most money.
4. Boggle – Here begins the geekiness that is me…I love all kinds of word games, trivia games, etc.  Boggle is one of my favorites because there really is no limit to the number of words you can find and how many points you can accumulate per round. I mean, there IS a limit, but you’d have to be some kind of savant of some sort to find all of the words each round in the time allotted.  I even like playing online versions of this (and iPhone versions…Scramble with Friends and Ruzzle to name a few). It’s probably the nerdy English major in me, but I love a good game of Boggle.
3. Apples to Apples – Confession, I am really new to this game, but I can’t tell you how much I love it!!! This would be a great activity to do in a class where you were teaching persuasion, but I just love it for the laughs you get.  The version I got Rebecca for Valentine’s Day is a Disney version, and we had a blast playing it.  Hearing a 6 and 1/2 year old’s reasoning for why her card should be chosen is entertainment enough – but also discrediting your older sister’s reasoning and getting chosen over her is pretty fun too 🙂

2. Scrabble – Another word game, but this one trumps Boggle for me. Seven tiles…that’s all you get to continue your turn in Scrabble. Will you be stuck with all vowels, or will you be holding a Q and have no U to help you out?  You can build all kinds of words – build off of more than one word…so much fun! In a time before the internet exploded, I loved sitting down and playing this game! Now, I can get my Scrabble fix by playing Words With Friends!

1. Trivial Pursuit – This board game  is one where you can only progress if you are able to answer general knowledge and pop culture questions.  There are tons of different versions of this game (I think we own at least 5 versions in my family). Each game requires you to answer questions in different categories in order to win wedges to fill in your pie.  Obviously most of the questions are really trivial (which is where they got the name), but fun nevertheless…and you usually learn something new while playing.  Our family has added our own set of “family rules” and we’ve even gotten Rebecca playing by using her Brain Quest cards! 

Honorable Mentions: Guess Who, Mad Gab, Trouble, Pictionary, Scattergories, Jenga, Battleship, Risk, Taboo.

2 responses

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Just so you all know out there…she is very good at all of them. I never could figure out how they would beat me at memory…but then I figured out their whole brain was working on memory and I was thinking of what to cook for supper, when to get the laundry done, how many papers I had to grade, etc.!

    February 19, 2014 at 3:40 pm

  2. Sara

    I was robbed at Apples to Apples. There is some sort of conspiracy against me.

    February 19, 2014 at 7:02 pm

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