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Frozen Favorites

At least one person (okay, more like three people) in my family were super excited that the movie “Frozen” came out on DVD Tuesday.  The movie, Disney’s latest offering has been a topic of song and conversation ever since my sister and I took Rebecca to see it when it first came out. Now that the movie is officially out on DVD…we can watch it whenever we want!

First off, let me say that (save “Beauty and the Beast” which is my all-time favorite Disney movie) this is one of the best Disney movies, especially for people, like me, who have a sister.  The artistry is fantastic, the music will stick with you and the story is terrific.

In honor of the DVD release, I thought I would post some of my favorite “Let it Go” versions that have flooded YouTube since the movie came out.

This first one is from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – and is Idina Menzel, Jimmy and the Roots (playing little kids musical instruments).  Love that Menzel is having fun with this song!

The next one is from a super-talented guy who brings many famous Disney voices to the song:

I saw this one on Facebook…classic!

Here’s the original – which is pretty good just the way it is!

What’s your favorite version of “Let It Go?” Let me know in the comments!


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