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Book Review: “Twisted Sisters” by Jen Lancaster


For those who follow my book reviews, you know that I generally sing the praises of author Jen Lancaster.  I find her memoirs humorous and am constantly suggesting them to friends.  If someone talks about how they love reality TV, I tell them they need to read “My Fair Lazy.” Say they were a member of a sorority…then they MUST read “Pretty in Plaid.” What if they are trying to lose weight, then it’s “Such a Pretty Fat.”  Her memoirs always make me laugh (even though some things she does make me squirm).  However, the book, “Twisted Sisters” is the first novel that I’ve read from Lancaster, and I was very disappointed.

Part of the issue is that I wanted another “Jen” book, but it seemed that the author felt she needed to distance herself from herself with this novel.  The main character was about as opposite from Lancaster as you could possibly get…and I found that that was not what I wanted.  The novel tells the story of licensed psychologist Reagan Bishop.  Bishop is a “pusher” and works for the cable show “I Need a Push” – Reagan also has her own set of issues…especially with her sisters.  For a novel that was supposed to be about the relationship between sisters (hello…the title was “Twisted Sisters”), I found that not until the tail end of the novel, did we really get to that part of the story.  As a sister myself…that’s the part that really drew me to the novel in the first place.

This book was a fast read (I read it on my 2 1/2 hour flight to Cleveland and 1 hour flight to DC), which I guess is good that I didn’t “waste” my time for something that was a longer read.  There were also other parts of the plot that were very unbelievable…and that’s really not what I look for from Lancaster.  It looks like I’ll need to stick to the memoirs…

Book Review: “Twisted Sisters” 2 out of 5 stars.


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