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Washington D.C. – The White House

I was pleasantly surprised that we had a little bit of time to actually see a few of the major D.C. attractions while we were there for the conference.  One of the most iconic places in D.C. is, of course, the White House.  Although we didn’t have time to actually do a tour, we did get to see some cool things just walking around the outside.

First off, it’s just RIGHT there in the middle of the city.  You turn a corner – and there’s the White House – no big deal.



The first cool things (Besides the actual White House) that we saw were the President’s dogs – in the photo below, Sunny is the one with the dog walker and Bo is the one with the white on him.  Pretty cool “semi-celebrities” that we saw.



The second cool thing we saw was a motorcade going into the White House.  Although we want to believe it was the President, our guess is that it was probably Vice President Biden instead.  It was still pretty cool though.



We did walk around to see the other side of the White House and also got a glimpse of the kitchen garden as well.




With construction starting in 1792, it’s amazing to think of all of the presidents and other world leaders who have been in the White House.  Although we didn’t get a selfie with the President (we were there the day after Ortiz got his selfie), we did get to see some pretty cool stuff while we walked by.


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Some of your pictures look like postcards..-good job.

    April 6, 2014 at 9:47 pm

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