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On our last morning in DC – before heading to the airport, we walked over to the National Zoo (it was really close to our hotel).  I was really impressed with the zoo – and the fact that it was free! We saw lots of people on their morning walks/runs through the zoo and it was a great morning to see the pandas.

Early in the week (on April 1), the newest panda to the zoo family, Bao Bao made her first public appearance in the Panda habitat.  We went to the zoo on Thursday, so she had been in her new surroundings for 3 days.  When we arrived, we noticed that Bao Bao was high up in one of the trees.


Her mom Mei Xiang didn’t seem to concerned that Bao Bao was in the tree, while she was enjoying her bamboo.



Meanwhile, the dad Tian Tian was PACING in his habitat…it was fun to watch the pandas for a bit – and to see them so up close and personal.  I kind of wanted to wait to see how long it took Bao Bao to get out of the tree.


But, it’s a good thing I didn’t because I would have missed my flight – she was stuck up there from 9-3! The Smithsonian posted a video on their site of her finally getting down from the tree.

Fast forward to the end to see Mei Xiang reacts once Bao Bao makes it down from the tree.

The National Zoo is definitely a must see in DC for me.  You can’t beat the price and if you go early, you can see all of the animals with none of the lines! Check out my facebook page later for more photos from the National Zoo.



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  1. Dee Schwinn

    Very nice pictures.

    April 9, 2014 at 5:40 pm

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