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Book Review: “Just One Day,” by Gayle Forman


Allyson Healey’s life has been planned out for as long as she can remember.  From her college major and trip to Europe, to her clock collection, no decision has been up to her.  During the summer following high school graduation, Allyson’s parents give her a trip to Europe as a trip. Every second of the trip has been planned, but on Allyson’s last night she meets actor Willem…and this chance meeting will transform her future.

Breaking free from her planned life, Allyson (or for this one day, Lulu) takes off to Paris on a train with Willem.  During that one day, Allyson falls head over heals in love with Willem…and he does the same with her, or so she thinks.  The next morning, Allyson wakes up alone in Paris, Willem is nowhere to be seen.

Over the next year, Allyson will embark on a journey to come to terms with what this one day meant for her, how confining her planned life is, and what it will take to break free and truly discover herself.  Told through the plays of Shakespeare, the importance of travel and what true-love really means, “Just One Day,” was a gem to read.

I have been a fan of Gayle Forman since I read her books “If I Stay” and “Where She Went.” She writes novels with characters on a journey of self discovery and this novel did not disappoint. As an English major who took Shakespeare in college, I enjoyed all of the play references (and it even made me want to read some of the ones I have not yet read). I also LOVE to travel and this story really made me want to travel through Europe…maybe some day! It is also the first in a 2-part series, which is a refreshing change from the standard “3-book series.” Book two, “Just One Year,” tells Willem’s side of the story (and it’s on my to read shelf, so a review will be coming sometime in the next month or so.

Book Review: “Just One Day,” by Gayle Forman 4/5 stars


2 responses

  1. stlouiscyn

    I loved this book and plan to read others by her. Thanks for the tip!

    May 15, 2014 at 5:17 pm

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