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The summer of…

In two short weeks, my classes will be finished, the yearbook final deadline will be sent, my room will be packed up and moved…and it will finally be summer! Now, normally summer is full of catching up on books, enjoying the sunshine, a few vacations here and there, but this summer will be MUCH more than that.

While it will still be the summer of reading (as every summer should be) there is much more that will be happening this summer….almost too much.

It will be the summer of weddings (photographing two former students’ weddings, which should be a blast). It will be the summer of grant work (excited to work on a grant through ESU beginning the first week of June). It will be the summer of lesson planning (for my new classes…of which there are 4 to add to the 5 I already teach). It will be the summer of church “stuff” (VBS, welcoming a new pastor, playing the organ…) It will be the summer of learning (Adobe Premiere Boot Camp here I come) It will be summer of decluttering (cleaning out my room at school has gotten me in the mood to declutter at home too). It will be the summer of volleyball (summer league, team camps, getting ready for the season).

And yes, it will be busy…I don’t think I really know how to live life any other way…but at least it will be summer!

Here’s to one week left of students…I think I can make it.

Funny Seasonal Ecard: 'The summer is going by so slow,' said no teacher ever.



One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Tired just looking at your “stuff”!

    May 16, 2014 at 10:10 pm

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