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Sonic Summer of Slush #3 & #4

I’ve made it to Sonic a couple of times over the last week…it’s not my fault it’s on the way home from school, and that it also happens to be happy hour when I drive by. This week’s offerings included to slushes that start with the letter P…Pineapple and Polynesian Punch.

#3 – Pineapple fresh fruit slush.  I have always been a HUGE fan of anything pineapple, so I was excited to try this slush.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really live up to my expectations.  The flavor was great – because it tasted just like pineapple, but what I didn’t so much like was that there were really fruit pieces in the slush and they were way too big.  I’m used to having the strawberry slush and the fruit pieces don’t bother me, because they don’t seem to get stuck in the straw, but these pieces sure did.  It felt like I was eating a slush instead of drinking it…not so refreshing in my book!  I’m going to have to go with 2/5 Sonic straws for this one – the flavor was great, but the fruit pieces were a miss for me.

#4 – Polynesian Punch – This orange colored slush is one that I’ve been wanting to try.  I’ve heard good things about it from some friends who claim it is their new favorite, so I was excited to try it out.  The flavor was sweet, citrus and almost had a tropical punch taste to it.  It kind of tastes like orange Hi-C.  The orange flavor isn’t really overpowering, so it is a nice refreshing drink if you don’t want to be “punched” in the mouth with an overabundance of flavor.  Not outstanding, but I wouldn’t mind having it again.  3.5/5 Sonic straws for me on this one.


One response

  1. Dee Schwinn

    Think I will stick with Lemon Berry!

    May 25, 2014 at 8:50 pm

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