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Sonic Summer of Slush #7-Cranberry and #8-Super Peach Ring

Slush #7 – Cranberry


Headed to Sonic wanting something refreshing and fruity, so I went with the Minute Maid Cranberry slush.  While not “amazing” it was refreshing, if not a little boring.  I think this would benefit from something else added – maybe a lime/cranberry slush, or a pineapple/cranberry slush.  It’s a good enough flavor, but maybe not enough to stand on it’s own.

Cranberry Slush: 2.5/5 Sonic straws.

#8 – Super Peach Ring Slush

I wondered why they called this “Super Peach Ring” instead of just a peach slush…and that’s because it is VERY peachy.  I mean, it’s peach turned up a notch (or 12).  I like peach, but this was Peach squared.  Unless you love, love, love peach try another slush.  This is another one I think would benefit from mixing a couple of flavors together because alone I felt it was a little strong.

Super Peach Ring Slush: 2.5/5 Sonic straws

While I didn’t LOVE either one of these flavors, I didn’t hate them either – just not ones that I’d order again by themselves.  What do you think? Which flavor should I try next?


One response

  1. I tried the cranberry yesterday and I have to agree with your review… It was really blah… Not bad, but like a watered down glass of cranberry juice… I think this would have stood on its own had it been a concentrate + slush…

    July 5, 2014 at 11:08 am

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