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Book Review: “Wish,” by Jake Smith


James McConnell wants nothing more than his 9-year-old son Aaron to play a game of catch with him in the backyard.  Long ago James gave up his dream of playing professional ball to start a family and instead wished for his son to love the game as much as he did, buying him his first ball and glove when Aaron was born.  When Aaron is diagnosed with leukemia at age 5, the dream of playing catch in the backyard is put on hold as they fight the cancer, but that doesn’t stop Aaron from loving baseball fiercely. Instead of playing, he becomes immersed in the game through stats and watching his beloved Detroit Tigers.  After going into remission and being only weeks away from getting to play catch with his dad for the first time, the cancer returns.  When Aaron re-enters the hospital to face the battle against cancer again, James’ only wish is that his son become healthy again.  When Aaron ends up meeting one of his favorite players who is a frequent visitor at the hospital, he makes a wish…but not for himself. Jake Smith has written a powerful book that takes the reader on emotional journey as Aaron and James see what can happen when wishes become reality

This is a work of fiction, but is a good reminder that there are families out there facing cancer as a daily reality.  While much of what happens in the book may be “far-fetched” as many critics may say, it does remind you how important strong family relationships are and how much people are willing to do for each other.

I downloaded this book to my nook after it showed up as a free book on BookBub and I’m so glad I did.  Although, I have been reading way too many books with characters facing cancer recently (and I’m an emotional wreck) I truly enjoyed this book.  I bawled and laughed and bawled throughout the entire novel.  Happy tears, sad tears…they just kept falling.  The book was also written to raise awareness for the website, an organization that helps connect bone marrow donors with recipients – an organization that has helped countless people in need of life-saving donations.

“Wish,” by Jake Smith 4.5/5 stars



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