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Sonic Summer of Slush #12 – Cotton Candy

When I was in college I had an amazing summer job. I worked at Rock Springs 4-H Center for 4 summers from the summer of 2000-2003.  For two summers it was my job to run the concession stand. One of our daily duties at the snack bar was to make cotton candy.  Now, I admit, I do enjoy cotton candy – and every time I have it, I think of Rock Springs. I have to admit that I’ve been putting this slush off for awhile because I wasn’t sure how the cotton candy flavor would translate into a slush.

Today was the day I finally tried it. On first sip, I could totally taste the cotton candy flavor, which was weird… After I took the next couple of slips, it ended up tasting more just like an unidentifiable, fruity-ish drink.  Not terrible…not great…not a winner for me.

Sonic Summer of Slush #12 – Cotton Candy: 2/5 Sonic straws


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