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Sonic Summer of Slush #13 – Fresh Fruit Lemon

Yesterday my parents and I went and visited my sister for the 4th and before we headed home, we decided to stop at Sonic because it was happy hour.  I was all set to try the Green Apple slush, but then my mom ordered a lemonberry slush, my dad ordered the blue coconut, and I saw the opportunity for a “Red, White and Blue” slush extravaganza, so I couldn’t help but order the Fresh Fruit Lemon Slush.



In all fairness, the Fresh Fruit Lemon has always been a favorite.  Nothing beats a cold lemonade on a hot summer day, and nothing (in my opinion) beats a great lemon slush.  Some Sonics put in a lemon wedge with this slush, however the one we went to yesterday did not.  It didn’t really detract anything away from the slush for me – and actually gave me more slush in the long run!! This to me is one of the most perfect slushes they have at sonic! YUM!! Glad I went for the old standby yesterday, Green Apple will wait for next time.

Fresh Fruit Lemon Slush: 5/5 Sonic Straws


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