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Book Review: Page by Paige, by Laura Lee Gulledge


The summer reading program at our local library encourages readers to try different kinds of books – one of the genres on the list was a graphic novel.  I have never really read a graphic novel before, but I got a recommendation from my mom that this one was really good, so, I chose “Page by Paige,” by Laura Lee Gulledge as my graphic novel.

First of all, the story centers around Paige Turner (her parents are writers – which is why she has her unique name). Paige and her family have moved from Charlottesville, Virginia to Brooklyn during the Christmas break.  Paige must adjust to a new school, a new town and the intimidation of making new friends.  Paige chooses to write about her struggles, hopes and fears in her sketchbook – which is what the graphic novel essentially is – Paige’s sketchbook.

The story was a typical YA story about a high school girl navigating the perils of high school life with the added struggle of dealing with being the “new girl.” While the story was typical, the drawings were awesome! I was amazed at just how fabulous and intricate the drawings were.  I am so jealous of people that are so gifted in drawing (it is a skill that I never mastered).  As a reader, it gives you so much more to work through than a typical novel or short story. I really, really enjoyed the experience – I think partially because I enjoyed the topic. I’m hoping to looking into Gulledge and see if she has any more to read!

Book Reviews: “Page by Paige,” by Laura Lee Gulledge 4/5 stars.


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