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Road Trip Here We Come

I’m super excited about our upcoming road trip to Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.  First of all, I’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, etc. Secondly, I love getting to experience new things – and I’m excited that my 7 year old niece, Rebecca, is going too.

I got to thinking that we are going to be in the car for quite awhile…so I decided to put together a travel notebook for her to do in the car – and she can also use it as a place to keep track of all of the adventures she has (she hasn’t started a blog…yet).

So, I got a hot pink notebook from the store and some sheet protectors…and got to work!



My first project involved putting together a BINGO card for her to try to accomplish during the trip.  My sister gave me the idea because Rebecca got a bingo card the other day that had reading activities on it and she loved it.  The activities I decided to include on the card varied from different activities to keep her busy in the car, at the hotel and enjoying the different places we will stop.  I really hope she has fun with it!!!


I took to Pinterest for some ideas and stumbled upon a car scavenger hunt (not pictured) and a license plate sheet for her to keep track of the different license plates we see.


We are going to be traveling through 8 states, and I found these awesome state activity sheets on – the site requires you to register, but you get several downloads free each month. Each time we cross the state line, she’ll get to do a new state sheet! Kansas will obviously be first!


I also found tons of other activities that she can do in random places online. She really likes word puzzles, math, decoding games and color by numbers, so those are ones I printed off.  Each category of activities gets its own sheet protector – so all 6 crosswords are in on sheet protector and so on.  Activities I found were: Mad Libs, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Decoding Activities, Color by Number, Word Scrambles and Mazes.


I also printed off some A-Z Brainstorming sheets.  This is actually something that my high school students do for review, but I thought we could modify it for the trip.  A lot of times we do the alphabet game when we are driving (choosing a topic like “Frozen”) and then we go around the circle and say different words that go with that topic in ABC order. So, using the “Frozen” example we’d say “Anna, Building a Snowman, Coronation, Duke of Weselton, Elsa, etc.) I’m going to change it up a little and we’ll try to come up with as many as we can, writing them down, instead.


I thought it would be good for her to do something having to do with the destination, so I went to the National Parks website and found the Junior Ranger Gazette which will teach her a little about the National Parks we will visit before we get there.


Also in the notebook, I added some blank writing paper, so she can write a little summary of each day – and we’ll make it into a journal, with drawn pictures, tickets, and photos of the places we visit. I am putting all of this in a tote for her with markers, colored pencils, regular pencils, crayons and a pencil sharpener – so she should be all set.

I really, really hope she has fun with it – and I can’t wait to leave for vacation!!!



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