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Book Review – Panic by Lauren Oliver


One thing that I need to make more time for during my hectic fall semester is reading for pleasure. I get so wrapped up in all of the “stuff” that I have to do, that I forget that I need to take time to do some of the things that I really enjoy. I recently went on a conference trip to Nashville, TN, I took advantage of the “free time” on the flight to read a book I’d picked up from the school library.

I’ve read several Lauren Oliver books including her “Delirium” trilogy and “Before I Fall” so I am familiar with her style of writing.  Her most recent novel, “Panic” tells the story of graduated seniors in Carp who participate in a game called Panic.  Each day of high school every student is required to put $1 into the Panic “pot” – at the end of the year, the graduating seniors can choose to participate in the ever-dangerous games on their way to taking home the winnings.  The games are both traditionally terrifying as well as individually focused to get students to drop out of the games.

The story is told from two perspectives: Heather, a girl who is trapped in a life where her mother abuses drugs and constantly brings new men into her and her sister’s lives, is participating in Panic to get a better live and Dodge, a boy who knows firsthand the terrible aftermath of a Panic game gone wrong, who is participating in Panic to get revenge.

For those familiar with Oliver’s writing, I found this one to be much weaker than her other works.  It was totally predictable and also totally unbelievable.  I had high hopes when I picked this one off the shelf, but was left with a less than satisfied read in the end.

“Panic” by Lauren Oliver 2.5/5 stars.


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  1. I agree, Panic was not my favorite of Oliver’s for the same reasons you listed. Her most recent book, Rooms, was a much better read.

    November 25, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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