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A new year, a new beginning

This year, as I do every year, I take this time to take a look at myself and determine what areas of my life I would like toIMG_2768 grow in.  I find it fitting that this new beginning comes in the middle of the school year as opposed to at the start of the school year, because it gives me an opportunity to take stock of all aspects of my life, including work, and really make a new beginning.

I wanted to make sure that the resolutions I chose this year were measurable…I mean isn’t that what they always tell us they should be in education?! So…here’s the list for 2015.

1. Travel somewhere new: There are so many wonderful places that I have yet to explore…and I can’t wait to choose a new place to explore this year.  Last year, I crossed Washington D.C. and Mt. Rushmore off of my bucket list…I hope this year will take me north somewhere – either east or west.  I’ve wanted to visit both the northwest and northeast forever – maybe this year will be the year.

2. Photo a day challenge: I’ve tried…and I’ve failed. This year, I’m taking inspiration from my friend Ashley over at Pictures Through My Lens and doing her challenge (most days).  There may be some days that I choose a photo of my own to do – depending on what life brings.  But here’s photo 1/365:


3. Read 52 books (a book a week). I was disappointed in myself last year because I was chugging along on my reading challenge…and then my new school schedule intervened.  I’m determined to meet my goal this year (and of course bring you reviews of each of those books I read to this blog too!)

4. Blog at least 4 times a week: With my digital journalism students I require them to blog…so I really should practice what I preach. Each week I hope to blog at least 4 times. I’m hoping one post will be a book review each week, one post will chronicle my photo a day challenge for the week, and I hope to (as always) share some recipes I enjoy as well as some craftiness in my life.

5.  Exercise 30 minutes, five times a week.  Let’s face it…I NEED to do this – it’s not even a question.  So, I WILL make myself take 30 minutes out of my crazy schedule and spend 30 minutes making myself healthier.

6.  10,000 steps six days each week.  The last goal for the year will be accomplished with help from number 5, but it’s something I really want to do as well.  I purchased a fitbit in September, and it has helped me think more about how much I’m getting up and moving around (some days not enough) – so for 2015, I hope to make it to the 10,000 steps at least 6 times a week…I think that’s attainable – even if some nights I have to walk in place before I go to bed or walk around the house!

May your new years all be filled with happy moments with family and friends, unforgettable memories, and a new beginning.


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