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Photo a Day Challenge – Days 19-25

It was another busy week at school, but I will still able to get all of the daily shots. 25 days down!!

Day 19 – Sweet

I am MUCH more of a salty snack fan, so I hardly ever have any sweets in my house.  However, I had a few Hershey kisses leftover from a Christmas gift someone had given me.  I decided to do a nice close up – to make it a little more interesting.



Day 20 – What You Do

It was appropriate that today’s prompt was “what you do” because today was my no plan day.  So, from 7:48-3:24 I was VERY busy – We’ve gotten proofs back for the yearbook pages, We are trying to incorporate new social media into our newspaper class, my video students are working on a PSA for contest, my digital photography students are learning some more photo techniques, my intro to video kids are finalizing their bios and my 21st Century kids had their first interviews – all of this adds up to a busy day…which I all keep track of with my planner.



Day 21 – Reflection

I had NO idea what I was going to do on this day, until I was in the copy room and noticed a bunch of mirrors… I went back and grabbed a camera from my classroom and captured this shot – definitely interesting looking…



Day 22 – Your Shoes

I knew right away what I would shoot for today’s photo a day challenge…so, when I got home from school, I grabbed my purple “chucks” and set them up to spell the word love…I was ready to go, until Hank – my dog – decided to get involved in the photo shoot. Well, Hank took a trip outside and the set up began again.  I LOVE this pic!



Day 23 – Something Old

One of the benefits of working with the yearbook classes is that my room houses the yearbooks from the last 103 years.  The very first book from 1911 is still in relatively good shape and my students love to look at the old yearbooks – whether it’s to make fun of their parents who also went to EHS or just look at the crazy haircuts and clothes. These books are the late 1910s and 1920s.



Day 24 – Stripes

Today was the Stripe Bramlage game in the men’s basketball game against Oklahoma State…each section was to wear either purple or white – and it ended up making stripes around Bramlage. That would have been perfect…however, I wasn’t able to go to the game today, because I was working wrestling all day…so, a few scarves from my collection provided my stripes today.



Day 25 – Landscape

On this cloudy, windy day I headed out to the country around Emporia and captured a couple of different shots – the one I liked the most when I got back home was this one of a fence post with the hills behind. Always a good way to unwind – just driving some backroads and enjoying the countryside.



This week we’ll finish up the last week in January – almost 1/12th of the way done!!


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