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Photo a Day Challenge Days 26-32

It was another fun week of creativity and taking pictures…with some prompts that even stumped me for a little bit!

Day 26: Together

For me, nothing goes better together than a good book and some hot tea or coffee – mix that with a free night of no grading and you’ve got a GREAT night.  I’m currently obsessed with Tazo Joy tea…it’s SO good!!


Day 27: Sun

It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day at the end of January than today was. It was warm, it was sunny, and it was perfect to get a “sun” picture.  I did take an “artsy” sun shot that I thought about using for today’s photo, but while I was taking that, someone decided they should also join in the fun outside…Atticus. He actually made it out to the porch before I wrangled him back inside the house.


Day 28: Grow

There is NOTHING growing right now because it is the middle of winter, so I decided to take a new spin off of this idea and grow my talents as a photographer.  I had seen some projects on Pinterest using Bokeh photography (where images are intentionally blurred) and one used a cut out placed over the lens to make a really cool image.  I decided to go with hearts and incorporated some Christmas lights to get the image – I’m pretty proud of how it turned out for a first try!


Day 29: Nature

Once again, nature was difficult to capture with a dreary winter landscape, so, while I was at Wal-Mart I decided to get a picture of some of their flowers. While I was hoping they had some sunflowers (my favorite and which would have been perfect for today being Kansas day), I had to make do with some sunny daisies.


Day 30: Down

This day was probably my hardest so far this year.  It was Glacier’s Edge crazy 4-game day, so I was busy from 7 in the morning (when I got to school) until about 10 p.m. (when the games ended) As I was heading out the building, I though I could take a photo looking down from the yearbook computer lab…so that’s how I got today’s shot.


Day 31: Favorite

There were a lot of things I could have picked for my favorite, but I decided to take a photo of my favorite pup, Hank, with his favorite toy.  We were playing tug of war with his fox in this picture. It’s amazing how much he still loves to play and fetch even though he’s blind. He was excited I spent much of the evening at home instead of abandoning him like I had the two days prior.


Day 32: You Today

We finally made it to February – and we started this month much like we started the last one – with “you today”. I am not a huge selfie fan, but I bit the bullet and took one today.



The month of January is finished and I made it taking a new photo each day! Wahoo! For the month of February, each day (besides today and Valentine’s day) is going to be focused around a letter…that should make for some interesting shots!!



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