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Photo a Day Challenge – Days 54-60

Day 54 – U is for…Upside Down

As you can probably tell, I rely on my pets for many of my photos – they are such good models! Today’s photo comes to you courtesy of Hank.  He was rolling around on the blanket and decided to stop while he was partially upside down.



Day 55 – V is for…Volleyball

I was completely stumped for what to do for today’s picture.  I had thought about doing “victory” for our basketball teams (we played at Seaman) but it was not a good night for us. Then, I thought about doing something with the number 5 (the Roman numeral is V) but again, I couldn’t find anything that grabbed my attention.  Then I thought – hello…you are a volleyball coach! So, today’s photo became a shot of a volleyball.



Day 56 – W is for…Whiskers

I could have done several different W-words for today’s picture.  Atticus likes to WAKE me up with his WHISKERS while he WATCHES me sleep. Some days he also likes to stick his WET nose on me if I’m not getting up as quickly as he would like.



Day 57 – X is for…Xyron

Okay…X was HARD.  Had I been at school today, I would have gone into the band room and taken a picture of the xylophone, but I took kids to Wichita State for the regional journalism contest.  I have been loving my EC Life Planner and bought this fun sticker maker at Hobby Lobby (they have them at Wal-Mart now too).  Not only does the name start with an X, but the sticker maker is also in the shape of an X.



Day 58 – Y is for…Yearbook

I knew as soon as I saw today was “Y” that I was going to incorporate my yearbook staff.  When I told them I wanted to get a picture of them, one of my students suggested that they stand in the shape of a Y – I LOVE when students think outside of the box! So creative!



Day 59 – Z is for….Zzzzzzzz

Today was my “sort of” birthday (I’m a Leap Day baby, so no actual birthday for me), but it was also a day that it decided to snow.  Instead of doing anything exciting today, it was a lazy day at home.  Hank snuggled up close and snoozed the afternoon away while I watched Netflix movies and drank hot tea – all in all a good day.



Day 60 – no more letters…the start of a new month “You Today”

As usual, the month started out with a picture of me today. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, if I need to get a lot of photos worked or if I have lesson planning and grading to do, I am so much more productive if I go to Starbucks and work there – where I won’t be distracted. Today’s photo…



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  1. I’m really enjoying your photos. Thanks for sharing them! 🙂

    March 2, 2015 at 3:37 pm

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