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My Leap List

So, a day I’ve been looking forward to for four years…Leap Day is today! For a lot of people Leap Day is that annoying blip that happens ever four years, but for me, that blip is the chance to celebrate another ACTUAL birthday! I had a fantastic day, spending time at school and then getting together with friends in the evening.  As I was thinking about the next four years until my next big (and it’s a big one) birthday, I thought about a few things I’d like to accomplish before the next “Leap.” So, for better or worse – and so that it’s out there in the world, here is my Leap List:

Visit at least 5 new countries

Visit the Pacific Northwest

Present at a National Conference

Read 200 books

Learn a new language

Exhibit my photography

Run a 5K (the whole thing)

Be happy with my body

So, there’s the list.  I plan on taking you on the journey with me through this blog – posting pics of the places I visit, sharing nutritious foods I try, reviewing the books I read, complaining about the running and exercise, asking for advice…Four years to go, I’m ready to enjoy the ride!


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